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Agentura Domov manages a wide database of employees on the level of company housekeepers.

Company housekeepers take care of smooth operation in office premises within the day. They sort and deliver mail, take care of refreshment at company conferences, service the coffee machine, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances, clear tables, maintain order in the recreation hall, refill hygienic needs, dispose of waste.

Agentura is cooperating with many firms, to which in case of illness or vacancy of their employee we ensure an adequate and full-valued agent.

Employee program

Employee program of Agentura Domov is designed for firms, which in frame of their programs offer their employees some advantages. Employees advantages assist to higher stabilization of employees and have a positive credit on overall climate at the place of and aid the image of the firms as an perfect employer.

In the frame of this program we offer for your employee's housekeepers or babysitter.

These advantages can be realized in form of coupons, that can be produced at an difference amount. In foundation of concrete deal we will make a system that will meet your expectance and your employees will feel the favour of their employer

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