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Services for hotels and boarding houses

Agentura Domov provides regular and one-time of children all age range and nationality.

Nannys are employees of Agentury Domov, which besides of their psychological testing and medical check absolve an compulsory education training by a directory of an professional, whom our nannies keep contact.

Language knowledge and individual approach to children are a matter of course, by our employees

Creches and fun programs

Agentura Domov provides all accessories (arrangement of program, nannies, games and etc.) for operation of créches and fun programs, which can be thematically set on Children's day, Mothers day, Easter, Mikuláš, New Year. Regarding that it is never known, how much children and there age will be, games and other things are suited for all of them.

Program is carefully chosen by Agentura Domov, so that many children at different ages and nationalities can join. Programs include favorite children contest, and also party games (Twister…), painting (huge painting books), manufacturing of paper finesses and other favorite games. We can also arrange some competitive games with executing variable tasks and final surprise.

In case of programs for special occasions we always adapt to program to this occasion.

On your wish it is able to enhance the program of an magician or theatre performance, painting of body colors, etc.

Our employees have an individual and active approach to children– they really devote their time and energy to the children, and because of this they have an perfect program, that is maked that it can be immediately changed, so the children are never bored. We are ensured that we have selected the best by the children, which are really have with the programs and don't want to end them. We gained this knowledge from the hotel HILTON, where we provide special programs (New Year, Easter, Mothers day) for clients of the hotel for more than two years.

In case of interest

Agentura Domov

will prepare a program suited for the concrete premises of the client.

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