Česká verze

Agentura Domov takes care of regular cleaning of the area , like office areas, commercial centers, sports centers, hotels and restaurants, warehouses etc. Apart from these clening jobs we also do a complex care for buildings and heir pavments ( streets, green areas, clesning snow etc.) and other specific clening jobs like washing windows, machine cleaning of carpets and unpholstered furniture, washing of windows blinds, cleaning of storerooms, disinfection and disinfestation, profesional cleaning of IT's, etc. As our part off the job we are performing hygienic services - delivery of cleaning, washing and hygienic products to your premises. There is always some chief person in place, who is able to take care of your other requirements. Our employees are outfited with uniform working clothes. Agency has it's own system of controling the quality of work and the employees.

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